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MS Outlook error code “0X8007200a”

This is the operation failed error of the Microsoft Outlook and this error occurs when the user have not any permission to view the object attributes and if the user try to view the attributes of object at such moment the Windows unable to perform operation properly and generates error message. To solve this you have to make allow the permission to view the attributes of object and you have to know the way to resolve Outlook error code “0X8007200a”.

Symptoms of the Outlook error code “0X8007200a”

When a user move a mailbox from an Active Directory site at such moment the Exprofre tool which is being ready to update the Outlook profile becomes fail and when the user check Exprofre.log file may receives the below given error messages

Error code: 0x0; error text: ; provider: LDAP Provider
[10:14:54] Error: f:\df7618\deployment\src\autoprof\ad.cxx(667):
“Could not open Exchange server object: GC:///CN=,CN=Servers,CN=,CN=Administrative Groups,CN=,CN=Microsoft Exchange,CN=Services,CN=Configuration,DC=,DC=net.”

Cause of the Outlook error code “0X8007200a”

As the above discussion we are already discuss that this error occurs when a user move a mailbox from the Active Directory site and the Exprofre tool which is ready for update and at such circumstance the operation failed error occurs and the user receives unexpected error on the System.
Mainly this error 0X8007200a occurs if the users have not any “Read “permission of the authenticated user to read the Exchange server object in the Active Directory Service. So it is most important to know the solution of Outlook profiles fails with error code “0X8007200a”.

Fix Outlook profiles fails with error code “0X8007200a”

To get solution from this issue you have to follow the manual instruction which are describe in below. To perform this operation you have to open the Active Directory by using the Windows Active Directory service Interfaces (ADSI) Edit tool and to perform this locate the path which is in Configuration container then go to services then select Microsoft Exchange. The from the Exchange org name you have to go Administrative Groups then select the servers and the Exchange server name. You have to set the Read permission from the Exchange server object to the authenticated user. By this above manual method you can fix error code “0X8007200a” from your System. If you are unable to solve this issue manually you can also contact your System administrator to get technical support in which you can fix the Microsoft Outlook issue from your Computer.

How to solve the exprofre tool which is used to update the Outlook profiles fails with error code “0X8007200a”

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