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Everyone know Microsoft office outlook is the most popular email client, it can very help for the almost all the businessman and for individuals. But some time you can face several of problems with them like lost of PST files, problems when starting outlook etc. when these problem arises then many outlook users frustrate and think how to fix these problems from my system. But you don’t worry because here in this article you will see the solution of your entire questions. From these questions one problem is really very critical when you attempt to start pocket outlook then you might be receive error message on the outlook screen frequently. That error message shows like that:

“Fatal application”

Generally, this error message occur on the system when you double tap the inbox to start your pocket outlook, then you may get above error message and your outlook program hang or not responding at that time.

Cause of the “Fatal application” error message when start when starting pocket outlook?

This error message is occur on the system due to the several of reasons, but most common reason behind this error message is: if you add more than 18 information services to the Microsoft pocket outlook. Most probably this type of error also arise due to your computer system has not been restarted for an extended length of time and the date or time is wrong or incorrect on your system. So, you required to solve this error as far as possible through then correct setting of the date or time of your system.

How to fix error message “Fatal application” when starting pocket outlook?

You can overcome on this “Fatal application” error message when you starting pocket outlook through many ways like manually or third party repair tool. Some of the manual ways to fix this outlook error message are given below:

  • Confirm that your USB Headset is plugged into your system before launching the program.
  • Make sure that date and time is correct on the computer, if not then you can reset your system date or time.
  • You can also check your Internet Settings because some time incorrect internet setting also cause this kind of error message when you starting pocket outlook.

If you still facing “Fatal application” error message, then you can use third party repair tool on your system for easily fixing of this issue. It can also repair entire outlook issues very quickly from your outlook.pst file or provide you many other advance features.

How to solve error message “Fatal application” when starting pocket outlook?

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