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If you are using Microsoft office outlook 2002, and you may attempt to start your outlook then you can see the programs might be step working and then after display an error message with dialog box on your outlook screen frequently:

“A connection to the server could not be established. is now in offline mode.
Details: There may be server or network problems or your timeout interval may be too short. Please search Microsoft Outlook Help for [HTTP Mail troubleshooting]”

But the main thing is that when you close the dialog box your outlook starts automatically.

Why this kind of error message occurs?

According to Microsoft, the major reason behind this issue is a corrupted navigation pane setting files. Generally this error message is also arise on the screen because if your Microsoft office outlook profile contains a hotmail account and if you try to start your outlook when the hotmail server is slow or not responding. In this situation, it look like that your outlook is not responding, and the program is fully functional. You know that, when the hotmail server starts responding, then the hotmail email account and the folder list become accessible.

How to solve “Outlook May Stop Responding; Error Message Refers to Hotmail Offline Mode”?

You can repair this error message via many ways; some of the best manual steps to fix this issue are given below:

  • You cannot synchronize the hotmail folder list just after the opening of MS outlook by the clicking on the list or send/ receive box. But you should allow the automatic synchronization request to arrive this automatically. So, in this case the first request of synchronization might be slow work but after that later synchronization will be timely work.
  • You should check your email account setting because some mistaken in setting, you may face this kind of issue.
  • Disable virus scanner integration from your local computer system.
  • Make sure all the setting is correct in the firewall
  • Ensure that the data store integrity perfect.

Expect above these steps can easily fix this error message from your system, if not then you can use third party repair tool on your computer for the fixing of this issue automatically or without any efforts. It can also speed up your personal computer performance, and provide you much more features simple for your computer.

How to fix “Outlook May Stop Responding; Error Message Refers to Hotmail Offline Mode”?

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