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If you use outlook to send or receive email messages then sometime you may receive the error message and unable to send because of missing system files, incorrect address, missing server setting, profile, damage pst file etc. If you are receiving the error then don’t more worry and irritate because you are not the first who is getting this error. It is a simple and common problem which may be got by any user of outlook. The whole problem occurs due to improper maintenance of the system so you need to safe your system from attack of virus and other harmful programs like worms, adware, Trojan etc. Some common causes and solutions are given in below paragraph which will help you to solve the problem.
Symptom of this problem:-
The symptom of this error is as you try to send or receive email from outlook the process of sending or receiving stopped with the error message. Sometime it occur an error code depending on the missing.

Cause of this error:-

If you are getting error while sending or receiving email message in Outlook or Outlook Express then there may be so many causes of this error because it is a common problem and in any missing you can’t send or receive email. Some of the causes are given for your help-
i) If your profile is missing or incorrect
ii) If PST file gets corrupt or damage
iii) Server setting is missing
iv) Firewall is not configured to enable outlook
v) Suspicious emails stored in PST file
vi) Missing settings of outlook email account

How to fix this problem:-

If Error occurs when you send or receive an email message in Outlook or Outlook Express then you can solve it manually or with the help of third party tool. Manual processes are cost free so first try them then use any third party tool. First off all scan the system to be sure that it is protected then be sure that the PST file is working properly. If it is missing then repair pst file with the help of inbox repair tool which is also known as Scanpst.exe and provided by Microsoft. Go to the file menu and select the Account setting, choose your account and be sure that it is correct and fulfill the requirement of outlook sending or receiving email. Configure the firewall and enable outlook. If the manual process are not working and you are still receiving the error message then at last option to use third party tool because sometime inbox repair tool not working properly.

Error occurs when you send or receive an email message in Outlook or Outlook Express

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