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Outlook Express is the most renowned and famous mail client that is being widely used by computer user. As an outlook user you might face number of unexpected error message with hexadecimal codes that breaks normal flow of outlook. In this article we are trying to fix 0x800CCC0B BUSY Server or maildrop is busy error that is reported by thousands of user. You might get this error while sending email using outlook. The messages are as follow:

“0x800CCC0B BUSY Server or maildrop is busy”

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In 90% cases this error occurs because of system problems like incorrect registry settings, missing dll, exe, vxd, ocx, dll or other important files, attack of spyware, viruses and misconfigured system settings. It is highly recommended to scan your PC using advanced system cleaner tool to fix this problems. Download Regcure Pro and scan your entire PC.

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This error means there is some problem in your windows mail or windows live mail. However mostly this error not occurs frequently and occurs occasionally when you try to send email. Below is the list of most probable reason that causes this error in outlook express.

1. Mail Server is Unavailable or Down: If you have setup your professional email with outlook then must check whether your mail server is running correctly or not. Various times mail server is down that stops outlook to send email. In order to check your mail server, do the following steps:
a. Open your webmail in browser and send a test email. If it is working properly then your mail server is running well. Now, you can move to next steps of fixing error. But if your mail server is down then simply send a query mail to your hosting server about this problem. They will surely fix it within an hour.

2. Personal Firewall Settings: If you are using personal firewall instead of default windows firewall then there might be some improper settings in your firewall that is blocking any specific message to run over internet from your pc. You can check it as follow:
a. Stop your personal firewall and Start windows Firewall.
b. Now try to send email. If you won’t get error this means your personal firewall is creating problem. Go to your personal firewall settings and add an exception as outlook.

3. Incorrect Outlook Data File: If above reasons are not suitable at your case it means your outlook data file has been crashed. Crash doesn’t denote completely down your outlook express. If outlook data file is crashed or its size has been increased from 2 GB then it starts to create problem. Getting 0x800CCC0B BUSY Server or maildrop is busy error is just a beginning and you may get more error code. It is strictly recommended you to do the following task to overcome Outlook Express 8x800CCC0B Error.
a. Crete New Outlook Data File.
b. Import the existing pst file data to this new data file.
c. Mark newly created data file as default and restart your outlook express.
If you are getting trouble to fix 0x800CCC0B BUSY Server or maildrop is busy error manually then you can take help of professional outlook pst repair tool. This tool is especially designed for fixing various outlook errors. It is dedicated to fix outlook error so you won’t get any Outlook Express 8x800CCC0B Error after scanning and fixing outlook express error using this tool.

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Compatible with Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, and supports Windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit), Vista (32-bit/64-bit ), 2003, XP, 2000, NT4 (SP6).
Easy Techniques to fix 0x800CCC0B BUSY Server or maildrop is busy Error from Outlook Express

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